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We met in 1995 on a set of monkey bars in primary school.  Since then we've navigated through being kids, teens, professionals and mothers together.

We present the next chapter; Box Play Explore!

We curated these boxes to give children an opportunity to reconnect with their senses and imagination. The great thing is, there are no rules and your little one is in charge! They can freely  explore through each theme as they please.

Each box has been thoroughly thought out, tried and tested by our very own kids. Here we are ready to share it with you.

Wafa & Fatima

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My daughter enjoyed playing with the 'Learn with Me’ box so much I had to hide it from her a few times just so we could leave the house! We targeted numerous goals using this box, our main goal was learning to recognise and name colours.

Kamelia - mum of 2

The kids know that when mummy has a phone appointment or needs to do her work, they get their boxes and sit on the mat. They begin creating all sorts of different things and even give each other ideas on how they can use their boxes. Less screen time which means less guilt!

Zena - mum of 3

He absolutely loves his Learn with me box! I’ve been struggling to find activities to suit his age group that will teach him his colours, letters and numbers and this has been a god send!! So grateful to have stumbled across your page! Can’t wait to grab another sensory box for him. 

Emna - mum to Malek

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