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Estimated arrival into HQ 5th March 2024.

LEARN WITH ME is a comprehensive sensory based educational resource. We have curated a one stop box that entails everything you need to engage your little explorer in Literacy, Numeracy and Colour exploration.

In this box you'll find;

* Magnetic A - Z letters

* 2 sets of Magnetic 0 - 9 NUMBERS that will allow for a number combination of 0-99

* 7 colour sorting moulds

* Magnetic wand

* Wide grip tweezer

* Scented coloured pasta

* Colourful Pom Poms

* Set of alphabet flash cards

* Set of number flash cards LITERACY LEARN WITH ME will help your little explorer with LETTER RECOGNITION.

Using their magnetic wand your little explorer can fish out letters, this is great for LETTER RECOGNITION and PHONETICS. They can make up different sound combinations or common words and even their own names!

Next you'll find a set of ALPHABET CARD. On these BRIGHT and COLOURFUL cards you will find the letter, picture and word that phonetically sounds out the letter. This is perfect for your little explorer who may need that visual prompt to get them learning about the sounds letters make. OFCOURSE it doesn't end there!

You can use these cards to spell out words or even their own names and correlate them to the magnetic letters they found with their wand. NUMERACY

Let's start with NUMBER RECOGNITION. Using their magnetic wand your little explorer can fish out their number magnets to create numbers from 0 to 99. A great interactive way to get your little one engaged. At BPE we wanted to offer more so we thought about the different ways we can introduce the concept of NUMBER VALUE in a fun and interactive way using sensory play. In your box you'll find number cards. These cards have the number, number word and dots representing the value of each number card. Using their wand and tweezers, your explorer can fish out sensory elements and place them in the dots to help them grasp the concept of number value. Did we mention how the tweezers are a wide grip and great for fine motor skill development. But wait, it doesn't end there! Using these cards you can place many number variations from 1 - 20 and play a game of ADDITION or SUBTRACTION. Yes, place the pasta or Pom Poms on the dots and then add or takeaway to help your explore visually understand adding and subtracting. You can even do this just by using the dots. Its simple and fun!

COLOUR In this bright and beautiful box, it was easy to come up with a way to get your child learning their COLOURS! We've added some silicone moulds and a set of tools (tweezer & magnet). Your explorer can fish out the same coloured sensory elements and pop them into the same coloured mould! Simple yes, effective DEFINITELY! The use of their wand and tweezer will encourage their fine motor skill development. For those who prefer to do without tools, what a wonderful sensory experience than with their very own hands, feeling all the wonderful textures and shapes.

Did we mention you can link their colours to their ALPHABET cards and spell out their colours, or use the moulds to hold the value of numbers when adding or subtracting. LEARN WITH ME really is the ULTIMATE sensory based educational resource.

Add a tub of our super soft non-toxic playdough to your order today as a great way to encourage fun letter formation!


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